WideAnt™ Shielded Fully Enclosed Antenna for TS9-SMK-Connector Devices High-Gain Wide Band

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WideAnt™ Shielded Fully Enclosed Antenna for TS9-SMK-Connector Devices High-Gain Wide Band
by WirEng®

The WideAnt™ by WirEng® is a shielded, fully enclosed, all-weather, ultra-linear, larger antenna for outdoor/pole/mast installations. The WideAnt™ can be used with a variety of radio equipment systems, including boosters, amplifiers, and repeaters (as the external antenna), with modems, hotspots, and routers (as the external antenna) and with many other applications in the 700MHz to 3800MHz range. The WideAnt™ is fully enclosed and all-weather resistant, and is ideal for amplifier systems because its back shield reduces inside-outside antenna feedback/interference. The connector type on the WideAnt™ is N female, and this set includes cables and adapters for direct connection to devices with a TS9-SMK-female connector. The WideAnt™ is made in the USA with domestic and imported components and includes a one-year warranty period. Patent pending.

Main Features and Benefits
  • The WideAnt™ is an elegant, larger, fully enclosed, powerful directional antenna that minimizes inside/outside antenna interference in boosters/amplifiers/repeaters thanks to its back shield. This set includes 30 feet of low-loss cables for direct connection to TS9-SMK-connector devices.
  • The WideAnt™ features ultra wide operational bandwidth and can be used with TS9-SMK-connector boosters/amplifiers/repeaters as the external antenna.
  • The WideAnt™ can also be used with modems, hotspots, routers, and with M2M applications (the cable in this set ends in a TS9-SMK-male connector for direct connection to a TS9-SMK-female device and to the WideAnt™ directly to your device).
  • The WideAnt™ operating frequency range is 700-3800 MHz with a peak gain of 18 dBi*, a horizontal aperture of 45° and a vertical aperture of 40°. This WideAnt™ system is made for TS9-SMK-connector devices (SKU TS9SMKM-WDA) and is mainly recommended for Outdoors (Pole) applications.
  • *Gain in dBi values are averages increases obtained by comparing the standard/internal device antenna to a properly-installed WideAnt™ located substantially higher than the device location. The WideAnt™ measures 17.5 x 12 x 12 inches and weighs 2.8 lbs. Made in the USA with skilled craftsmanship. One year manufacturer warranty included. Patent pending.

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