UniAnt75™ Antenna for zBoost YX545-CP High Gain Omni Home/Marine/Boat/External


UniAnt75™ Antenna for zBoost YX545-CP High Gain Omni Home/Marine/Boat/External
by WirEng®

The UniAnt75™ by WirEng® is most possibly the only fully shielded, ground-plane, cellular-bands omni antenna in the market today! The UniAnt75™ is made in the USA using state of the art wide band technology that incorporates a network of many smaller antennas inside its radome, with the added enhancement of a large ground plane to enhance its gain, performance, and shielding of the outside signal from the inside signal when used with the zBoost YX545-CP. The UniAnt75™ has a toroidal-shaped radiation pattern so that no waves are wasted up into the sky or down into the ground. The UniAnt75™ has the standard F-Female connector on it so that you may use the zBoost YX545-CP standard cable (or use WirEng® ultra-low loss ULL11-FM-FM-25FT, sold separately, for even more gain). The UniAnt75™ is fully enclosed and all-weather resistant, and is therefore also perfect for any outdoor environment! The UniAnt75™ is made in the USA with domestic and imported components and includes a one-year warranty period. Patent pending.

Main Features and Benefits
  • The UniAnt75™ is a very unique antenna, because it's omni-directional, shielded, and high gain! The UniAnt75™ is ideal when a directional antenna is not appropriate due to the different service provider tower locations, so that the zBoost YX545-CP will capture all available signals, but unlike other omni antennas, the UniAnt75™ is shielded, so your zBoost YX545-CP won't shut down due to inside-outside antennas interference!
  • The UniAnt75™ features ultra wide operational bandwidth thanks to its stacked-dipole design. The UniAnt75™ is 100% compatible with the zBoost YX545-CP and it has the added benefit of creating a shielded zone right beneath it, therefore greatly reducing inside-outside feedback/loopback/interference problems!
  • The UniAnt75™ is very similar to a lightning rod, so to protect yourself and your equipment from lightning strikes, WirEng®'s LightningPro75™ (SKU LPRO-75-OHM) is highly recommended.
  • The UniAnt75™ operating frequency range is 700-3800 MHz with a peak gain of 16 dBi*, a horizontal aperture of 360° and a vertical aperture of 30°. The UniAnt75™ nominal impedance is 75 Ohm and the connector is the standard F Female. This is the white version for the zBoost YX545-CP (SKU ZBS-YX545-CP-UNI75). The UniAnt75™ is mainly recommended for outdoors (pole) applications.
  • *Gain in dBi values are averages increases obtained by comparing the standard/internal device antenna to a properly-installed UniAnt75™ located substantially higher than the device location. The UniAnt75™ measures 12 x 26.5 x 12 inches and weighs 1.6 lbs. Made in the USA with skilled craftsmanship. One year manufacturer warranty included. Patent pending.

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